Happy Place Cosmetics Haul and Review

This is the second time I have ordered from Happy Place Cosmetics. So just a little background info, Happy Place Cosmetics are Cruelty Free, SLS Free and Vegan and they sell all sorts of different shower and bath products that smell and look amazing. The lady who makes these products and owns this brand is also EXTREMELY lovely. Here is what I ordered not long ago and a little review.


Nidra Bath Dust


What is it:  I have used bath bomb dust from Happy Place Cosmetics before and it is basically just a crushed up bath bomb, but you do get a lot of the product so it is worth the price.

Smell: It smells like pure sweet lavender, absolutely amazing, It smells exactly like the the “Twighlight” “Sleepy” range from Lush.

Review: The one I used before was quite pale in colour so I had to use a lot to change the colour of my bath but with this one, I have got 4 baths out of it so far and I still have a bit left. The more you add the stronger the smell will be of course so that depends on what kind of bath you want. A large handful will turn your bath a pretty violet purple, use more of the product and you will get a deeper purple, with glitter of course.

Clean Up: This is worth mentioning. The first time I used this a lot of the purple glitter was stuck to my back once I had gotten out of the bath. This only happened once because the thick glitter is only on the top of the product. The bath looked messy afterwards, which is strange because the bath dust I used from here before never used to leave a stain around the bath. However, just spray it with a little bleach, wipe and rinse the bath and it will come straight off. It does say on the website that this product comes with a little tidy up. It is pretty much the same as when you use a glittery bath bomb from Lush.

Price: £8.75

Rate: 8/10


Stitch Body Scrub


What is it: A body scrub basically speaks for itself. It is VERY soft on the skin but still does the job.

Smell: To me, this smells like blueberry slush, it is sweet and quite artificial but the smell is lovely.

Review: I cannot fault this. I absolutely love it, everything about it. From the way it foams a little when you use it to the way it leaves your skin feeling so soft afterwards. I use this product all the time I love it that much. You get a lot of product for the price and you do not need a lot. I will definitely be repurchasing Stitch Body Scrub and other body scrubs.

Price: £7.50

Rate: 10/10



Kipling Bath and Shower Whip


What is it: A creamy soft body whip that you use to moisturise and wash your skin.

Smell: I do like this smell but you have to be in the mood for it, it smells like almond cherry bake-well. My sister said it smells like Amaretto which put me off slightly but the smell is very pleasant on your skin.

Review: This product does foam up so well and is so thick, you only need a little bit in your hands to wash yourself. This product is so soft you can use it as a shaving foam. The smell lingers slightly on the skin.

Price: £8.50

Rate: 7/10, (If i enjoyed the smell more, this has the potential to be a 10/10).


Regina Bath Dust


What is it: Bath Dust, as previously mentioned.

Smell: I have got no idea what this smells like but I can tell you that it smells good. It is described on the website as smelling like ” strawberries, geranium, Tonka and orange leaf fragrance”, similar to the Yummy Mummy scent from Lush.

Review:  I loved using this, this is the only product that I have used up so far whilst writing this. I got about 3 baths out of this if I remember correctly, but I did use A LOT each time to give my bath a deep dark purple colour.

Clean Up: No where near as messy as Nidra Bath Dust, you still need to rinse your bath of course.

Price:  £8.75

Rate: 7/10

The hardest thing about ordering bath products online is not knowing what they smell like. Happy Place Cosmetics send you a sample with every order and this is brilliant because it gives you a chance to smell the products!

Thanks for reading, do you like the sound of any of these products? Let me know in the comments.

Make sure you check out their website http://www.happyplacecosmetics.co.uk/ ASAP because they will sell out!

@HappyPlaceCosmetics on Instagram.

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33 thoughts on “Happy Place Cosmetics Haul and Review

  1. I’ve wanted to try some products from this brand forever but have never gotten around to it! I absolutely love the sound of the whip, I’m such a sucker for sweet smells and almond is my absolute FAVOURITE!
    Alice Xx

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  2. Oh my goodness, these products are GORGEOUS! I lovelovelove bubble baths and I especially love glitter. Thank you for reviewing these products–I’m so excited that they are cruelty-free, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, these products are so pretty – love the colours in all of them! The Stitch Body Scrub sounds so good and looks so pretty! I’d never heard of this company before, but definitely will look into them for potential present ideas for people!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. I haven’t bought anything from Happy Place Cosmetics before but I love the values they stand for. It makes using the product a lot better because you know they’re ethically made! The bath bomb dust looks really cool. Love the shimmering vibes! Oh man, cleaning up sounds like a hassle! Glad it was easy to remove with some bleach :)!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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