Day Out In The Sun and OOTD

(First of all apologies with the lack of posts and interaction I have been super busy). This is something new I am trying out on my blog. I am going to tell you about my day out with my boyfriend, share some photographs that I am proud of and go through a little “outfit of the day”.


Outfit of the day

Lets start with an OOTD. The weather was SO warm, I can’t remember how many degrees it was but it was so HOT. I wanted to wear something cool and light.


Sunglasses These sunglasses are from the brand “Vogue” and I got them from Boots. They were very expensive because of the designer brand and because it has a prescription for my eyesight.

Top This bardot top is one of my favourite summer tops. I wore it a lot when I went on holiday. It is as comfy as a bardot top can be. It is from Pretty Little Thing and you can get it in multiple colours. Even though I got this last year it is still available online for you to buy and I want to purchase it in a different colour.


Bottoms-  These stripe culottes are so comfy and lightweight, they kept me extremely cool in the sun and they did not stick to my legs. They go well with trainers, flats, heels and that’s why I love culottes so much.  These are from Primark and they cost either £6 or £8, I am hoping Primark bring out similar trousers this year.

Trainers- These babies have appeared before on my blog. They are Rose Gold/Pink Nike Air Max 97s and they cost A LOT (£140) but I love them and I only wear them often and on dry days. Not the best shoes to wear in hot weather my feet did get rather sweaty but we ended up lying down on the grass for hours and during this time my trainers and socks were off and my feet were airing out.



Highfields Park


Me and my boyfriend went to Highfields Park which is in Nottingham, UK. It is one of my favourite parks because of the beautiful lake. Here a picture I took of the lake. We decided to take a day off from doing our work and spend the day in the sun. We walked around the lake, took pictures and then sat down on a blanket on the grass in the sun for a few hours with a picnic. Then we went to play pool, got some pub chips and cider.

Meet the boyfriend


First time featuring my boyfriend on my blog! His name is Reece and we have been together 3 years now. Shall we do an OOTD for him? Why not.

Top- His t-shirt is from River Island and according to him it is “dark blue grey-ish”.  When asking him if he has got anything to say about the t-shirt he said “erm, no… it is one of my favourites though”. It cost £10.

Shorts- His shorts are Adidas and they are a camel colour. They were about £25 and also, one of his favourites. 

Bag: Nike black sports bag, which was carrying all the food. “It is good for gym”- Reece. Typical boyfriend….haha.


Watch: Tommy Hilfiger Gold Watch, which I got him for Christmas last year. 

SHOP THE WATCH:   TOMMY HILFIGER  1791121 Luke Stainless Steel Watch


Cherry Blossoms


Cherry Blossoms are my favourite flowers and the best part of Spring. I love when cherry blossom trees are a baby pink colour but white cherry blossom looks just as pretty! I took this photography on my Sony Camera and edited it slightly on Adobe Photoshop. I edited the “highlights” and “shadows” to help the white flowers stand out.

Her is another picture that Reece took of me taking a picture of the lake. You can see how blue the sky is! I am hoping we get a lot more days like this throughout Spring and Summer.


Thanks for reading! How do you guys like to spend hot days? Let me know in the comments!

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31 thoughts on “Day Out In The Sun and OOTD

  1. I love going out for walks and picnics with my other half and dog on sunny days! I bloody love your outfit, culottes are so gorgeous but I’m far too short to pull them off, they come up such a weird length on me making me look so stubby haha! I’m a sucker for bardot tops too, I love getting my shoulders out!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its the best thing to do when its warm! and thanks so much! Shorter girls can pull off culottes I don’t know what you’re talking about!! I’m sure you would look amazing wearing them! And me too girl! Thanks for reading Alice xx


  2. Absolutely obsessed with the culottes in this post – they’re so pretty and they look gorgeous on you.. 😍 I love a good bardot too in the warmer months as well! Highfields Park looks so pretty, that’s definitely on my visit list the next time I venture to Nottingham.. 🙊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fab post hun! The views in this park look stunning & your outfit looked really nice! I’m sure I had those trousers from Primark last year have they got a belt round the waist? I loved them & I’m hoping they do more this year too as they’re so comfy and wide leg trousers suit my bottom heavy frame much better than the ‘peg leg/jogger’ type bottoms with the cuffs on the ankles!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much! Yes they have got a belt! These style of trousers are so nice aren’t! Flattering for all body types I think! thanks for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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