⛄5 important things to remember around Christmas time⛄

These are my 5 tips to remember around Christmas time, enjoy!

What Christmas is about- The meaning of Christmas will be different for everyone. To me Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and treating them in any way you can, being there for them and making lovely memories with them. Make sure you all remember what you believe Christmas to be about, whether that is in remembrance of Jesus or for giving and receiving presents. 

Give yourself time and space– This is so important. You get a Christmas Holidays at school, college uni and possibly work for you to enjoy yourself and relax!! I have lots of deadlines and lots of essays to write and it is getting extremely overwhelming and I have to keep telling myself “NO, you are not writing your essay on Christmas Eve”.  So please, give yourself time and space and most importantly REST because you all need it. It is Christmas, ENJOY YOURSELF.

Do not get yourself into debt-  As much as I want to treat my family to loads of presents, it is not worth getting myself into debt. This is very common at Christmas time and there is also a lot of suicides after Christmas because of people getting themselves into debt. Sorry to get so deep but it is extremely important. Watch your money!

Look after yourself Make sure you are looking after yourself and others around Christmas time. Cold weather and stress can both make you ill so make sure you’re eating correctly and looking after yourself. Wrap up in the cold weather too!

Think of other- Thinking of others is something I think everyone should do around Christmas time. Think of those who are less fortunate, them who cannot afford Christmas, homeless people and help them as much as you can. It gets so cold on the streets so think about the homeless around Christmas time. Also, remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so think of them and respect their views/religion.

Thanks guys let me know in the comments if you can think of any advice for us around Christmas time! x


19 thoughts on “⛄5 important things to remember around Christmas time⛄

  1. These are all so true and the second one is something I’ve been thinking about lately. I have so much to do but have told myself it’s Christmas and I need to relax. Otherwise I’ll go back to work tired and will have wasted the only time I had to chill and spend time with family. X

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  2. This is so true, I am making much more of an effort this year with the last one and donating money and needed goods to homeless charities locally. Hate the thought of people struggling when we have so much excess at this time of year! X

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